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hand_holdsWe offer sustainable Forested Lodge Pole Pine and Engelmann White Spruce from the Okanagan Region and British Columbia, Canada. Our slow growing pine / spruce has approximately ⅛” growth rings, making it a perfect choice for Beehive Woodenware.

The grade of lumber that we use is #2 common, which means that you can have some tight knots in the boards along with clear boards.

Dan’s Woodworking wants to use all the lumber that the forest offers and only have one grade of wood.

The difference between our Beehive Supers/Nuc Boxes is the handholds.

We do not machine scoop a sloped handhold but router in a square edge ½” deep on all three edges and a beveled bottom edge for water to run off. The more ergonomic handhold has a more secure grip so your outside fingers will not slide off when lifting the boxes.

Dan’s Woodworking has been in business for over…


We take pride in our endeavors to bring first class workmanship and customer service.

Design specifications and pricing can change without notice.

All of our Products are F.O.B. Abbotsford, BC.

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